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- 12 2003

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Jan Ekman and Roland Karlsson appeared on Swedish National TV last night on a program called Sportnytt, viewed by over 1 million people. They were featured for 3 minutes! A long time for national coverage. Here is a rough translation of their interview accompanied by a montage of pictures from the show and a photo of a freestyle ad in a Swedish magazine as well

Q What does frisbee freestyle mean to you?
A Its a lifestyle and a way of meeting people and expressing myself

Q What is frisbee freestyle?
A Its a little bit like rhytmic gymnastics combined with the attitude of a snow boarder

Q What is the hardest move in freestyle?
A It depends on who you ask, control movesbody movementdisc work - they are all integral in creating a diffucult move or combination.

Q What will it be like in Rimini at the World Freestyle Championships?
A It will be days full of jamming, activity and competition. An atmosphere which is almost impossible to describe

Q What are your goals for the tournament?
A Top five but if you make it to the finals anything can happen. The most essential thing though is to jam and be together with your friends. In other sports teams will stay in separate hotels and not socialize during the competition but with freestyle we all stay together in the same hotels and have fun together throughout the weekend

See you in Rimini!

- Jan and Tom (after a long jam in Stockholm at the future tournament spot of the "Stockholm Open")