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Well then, what do we have here ?
This is the glossary and here you will find different words used by frisbee players as well as professional terms.

So, without any further delay, here are the terms we've collected for you so far :

Accuracy One of the fields of frisbee in which a player is tested in his/her skills to shoot a frisbee to a squared target from different places and with different throws
Air Bounce A type of throw where the disc starts by going towards the ground and then goes back into the air.
Beach One of the favorites jamming place of the israeli players.
whether it's Herzelia or Tel-Aviv, the beach is where you wiil always find someone to play with on weekends.
Brush A freestyle trick in which the player uses it's hands or legs to hit the frisbee into the wind.
Clock Clock is when the disc is spinning clockwise, i.e in the same direction of the clock.
Co-Op Co-op is when two or more people do a freestyle routine together.
Counter Well, that's easy. This is when the disc is spinning in the opposite direction of the clock.
Cuff Cuffing is when you give the disc a little hit and change its direction.
DDC Double Disc Court - Another frisbee event in whice two teams, each with two players are playing with two discs and each team is trying to make the other team drop the disc, or hold two discs together.
Disc Well, you can't do a lot without having one of those.
Discathon Another frisbee event, which i personnaly know nothing about.
DiscGolf Just like it sounds, playing golf with a frisbee.
Distance Another event where the points are given according to distance the disc is flying.
Fake nails Fake nails is what most freestylers use in order to help the disc spin longer.
Freestyle One of the most enjoable (even to watch) frisbee event. This is where each player gives freedom to its imagination and does all kind of weird tricks.
Guts I have no idea what that is (I think dori knows).
Hyzer A key issue in throwing. Hyzer is when you let the far side of the disc be a little lower. For example, in a backhand throw with your right hand, the hyzer will be when you let the left side of the disc, be a little lower.
Indi's This is when a player takes a freestyle drill on his own without any partners.
Jammers This is the term used to describe frisbee players.
If you didn't get it yet - you're a jammer too !!!
Nail delay Holding the disc on your nail, that's what is is !
Park Another popular jamming place. Some players prefer playing at the park rather than the beach. Well, it is less dirty and you do have much more space. You'll be the judge.
Rim Rim is the side of the disc. You can touch the rim from the inside (Rim Delay) or from the outside.
Roll A freestyle trick where you move the frisbee from one hand to another while it's rolling across your arms and chest (or back, that's possible too).
SCF Self Caught Flight - This is when you play with the disc againts the wind. Simply throw the disc to the wind and catch it on its return. See, that wasn't hard to do.
Silicon spray This is what freestylers use to reduce the friction of the disc. It helps the disc spin longer.
Spin No spin - No freestyle !
The boosh A term used by frisbee players whice means a bad thing.
The hein Another term, but this time it means "That's the way".
Thumbs up This is when you catch the disc while your thumbs are on top of it.
Thumbs down I think you can figure this out by yourself.
Tip Hitting the frisbee at the bottom part, making it jump and come back to you (sounds difficult, but really it's quite simple).
Twirl Twirl is spinning the disc on one of your fingers.
Do not be confused with "Nail Delay", here you use your fingers and not your nails.
Ultimate The most popular frisbee game, which is a variation of american football, only played with a frisbee.
Wobble When the disc wobbles, its bad !
Z's When you have Z's on your disc, it means it's spinning quite fast. That's good !!!